my isolation ramblings post

Well – here we go.. like everyone else in the world, I’m learning new things as I explore different activities during my social isolation… hence me writing this new blog. Beyond that, what’s the inspiration you might ask, well it is Easter today, Christ is risen after all, and what better time to examine what you want to do in life after being confined to quarters, so to speak, for going on 4 week now. I can’t complain really, I have been able to get out for a limited amount of time, always practicing social distancing every few days, so its not been too dramatic for me. But when I see the news about how the pandemic has spread through Europe and now the USA being the new epicentre, it can’t help but make one pause and be grateful for what we have here (family, community, work). But is also makes me want to think about what else I want to do with my life. The events that are unfolding around us, really serve to tell us that life is short, and sometimes we need to move forward, even if its not perfect, but to have faith that regardless of what endeavour to take on, you have the foundations to make it rewarding and yet another piece of experience to add to the story of your life.

I’ve currently got three books on the go… one by Mark Twain, a sarcastic account of a pilgrimage to the holy land, another regarding the untold history of the silk roads, and an amusing and inspiring story of the some Toronto city dwellers deciding to become farmers. What can I say.. I picked up the Mark Twain as a bit of summer reading for $6.00 and am finding it a bit of a grind to get through, and frankly a bit disappointed in the sarcastic style of the narrator in the book.. sure on occasion its amusing, but its a bit tedious really. The history of the silk roads, i’m only just getting into, but is opening my eyes to an alternate view of history compared to my western knowledge. So far so good. And finally the farming book is actually quite good as I am interested in the idea, and feel I can relate to what the author’s experiences are so far in the book. In part comedy, but also in part useful reference and lessons learned in the whole piece… although I’m not that far into it yet.

In 2019, I started a new hobby, bee keeping. I can tell you it was quite the adventure, and completely fascinating and rewarding to taste the honey that was produced. I share this and my current reading just to let you know that I’m always open to broadening my horizons… and if others are willing to join – the more the merrier. I may not be a master in any one particular thing, but I really enjoy being part of new things and bringing my experience to bear towards those when I can. So with that, and spring in the air – I toast you and what new things you want to take on this year as we emerge from our isolation… our cocoon so to speak, and your metamorphosis brings you peace and joy!

take care out there!